Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Special Day

I got to contain crazy dancing multitudes

I clean up real good though. Also, bonus, I remain structurally sound.


DP said...

Mother Ginger?

Mother Courage?

an encourager said...

I love dancing, and lights that twinkle like stars in the midnight sky when no one's about (you know how they love to show off), and umbrellas, and parties, and fun, and dancing and celebrating and being outdoors, and being on rooftops (ok, never been doing all the above on one, but I imagine I would adore it and never wanna leave). I love to dance (can't, but love it anyway, no matter who's looking).

an encourager said...

Oh, and another thing... sorry, still admiring the happy umbrellas... did you see Christo's blue umbrellas in Japan, and yellow ones on brown mountains in California? My husband oversaw (is that one word? Is it a word?) the making of the yellow ones. Anyhoo, for me... I love your red ones. Mail me one, will you, so that I can have a party on my lawn? :)